A few simple rules of thumb we try to cook/bake by:

  • Let’s get back to quality over quantity.  More food usually means wasted food…or overeating.  Neither are a good thing.
  • If nature made it that way, why mess with it.
    • Wheat flour is most nutritious with the germ, bran and endosperm; so eat it whole.
    • Milk comes out of the cow as whole milk, why mess with it?
    • Vegetables can be incredibly flavorful when prepared simply- little salt and pepper and olive oil, enjoy their natural flavor.
    • Fruits naturally come with sugar, why add more to them?
    • Fats/oil in cooking and baking–keep it simple, butter and olive oil.  Don’t try to tell me plant-based oils altered to be solid at room temperature are more healthy than the most natural form of dietary fat we have available (animal based).
  • *Note- You’ll see in my recipes below that I’m either baking some rich, elaborate, generally unhealthy dessert or I’m baking some whole wheat, low sugar muffin.  A treat is a treat.  They are made for special occasions and exceptions are made. Everyday foods are different.  Attempts to make healthy choices in cooking and baking for everyday consumption must be made.

Beef, Lamb, Pork & Veal


Bread & Sweets



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