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Our humble beginnings consist of one tiny home (under 400 square feet) located on the family farm of 90+ acres, nine feisty sheep and one determined border collie.  Our goals and dreams are BIG…so buckle up!

Our budding sheep flock will begin this June when we purchase three Border Cheviot ewe lambs from Erdenheim Farms in Lafayette Hill, PA.

Cheviot’s originated from the Cheviot Hills that border England and Scotland.  They are known to be an extremely hardy breed with strong maternal instincts.  Generally they lamb with ease and the lambs mature rapidly.  Originating as a hill breed, they’re quite capable of sustaining themselves on a relatively low input diet and don’t require much extra fuss.  Similar to the Border Cheviot’s are their ‘cousins’ the North Country Cheviot’s that originated in the Northern hills of Scotland.  In general, they’re even more rugged and thrifty than their Border cousins.  Cheviot’s producer desirable carcasses as they’re know for their full rack, leg and broad loin.  They’re considered the ‘butchers choice’ and you can get more pounds of lamb off each carcass when compared to some of the larger framed meat breeds of sheep.  Sounds like a pretty practical breed to start a flock with, right!



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