Adventures in the Addies

Two weeks ago (darn- two weeks ago already!!) was vacation week for hubs and I.  The first half of the week was spent around home.  We grilled our first beef brisket, canned a lot of tomato juice and sauce and froze a few dozen ears of sweet corn (thank you garden veggies!!).  We ran a decent amount as well since we’re both training for the Marine Corps Marathon in a few weeks.  The second half of the week was travel time.  My sis and her husband joined us for the trek up North.  Destination: Adirondack Mountains!  We stopped in Bennington, VT for an afternoon to explore and stay over in a bed & breakfast.  Brown Café was a fun find for lunch and we of course made Bennington Pottery a stop high on the priority list.  A friend of ours gave us two mugs from Bennington Pottery for our wedding and we have wanted to add to the collection for a while now.  Thankfully the shop offers factory seconds for about 25% off and we were delighted to snag a nice big serving bowl to add to our collection.


Day two and three were “hike in the mountain and camp out overnight” days.  The four of us stashed the basic necessities in our hiking packs and trekked into the Adirondacks, starting a little outside of Lake Placid, NY.  (Super cool town by the way!)  We hiked in 3 miles and set up camp on an island surrounded by a split creek and then continued on to hike Mt. Colden, roughly 4,542 ft above sea level according to my Garmin watch.  The hike up and back was 3 miles each way, a gain of 2,592 feet.  It was nearly dark when we made it back to our new little home in the woods and we cracked into our first pouch of “Mountain House” freeze dried food– Chicken A La King.  Surprisingly, pretty darn good!  The freeze dried ice cream sandwiches…not so much.


The next morning we set out to hike Mt. Marcy- the tallest mountain in NY state and in the Adirondacks.  The summit was 5,344 ft above sea level and we hiked 2,927 feet in elevation for our 10 mile round trip up and back.  It was an enjoyably challenging hike and I was pretty glad to be in the middle of marathon training, it could have gone a lot worse.



There is something refreshing about disconnecting from ‘normal life’ and adventuring into the woods, even if it’s only for a few days!

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