Smoked Beef Brisket on the Grill

Smoked meat lovers with a grill but without a smoker- there is HOPE!  You can actually smoke your own meat on that simple little gas grill!  A week ago, I tentatively dove into the world of smoked meat and came out on the other side a satisfied believer that it can indeed be done without the need to purchase anything ‘special’.  My inspiration for smoking a brisket on the grill came from the wise beef folks at Certified Angus Beef, through their blog site “Go Rare.”

Smoked Beef Brisket on the Grill

Prepare the beef- I had a 6 1/2 pound beef brisket hanging out in our refrigerator.  The evening before I smoked it, I removed it from the vacuum-sealed bag and patted it dry with paper towels.  I placed the dry brisket on a baking sheet and rubbed it with a wet rub made with minced garlic, chili powder, brown sugar, salt, pepper and olive oil.  I loosely followed this recipe.  It sat uncovered in our refrigerator over night.

Prepare the wood chips– Again, we didn’t want to purchase anything ‘special’ for this so we secured our own wood chips.  My super clever hubby trotted over to an apple tree and started chipping chunks of wood off of an old dead limb.  (Yes, it was already dead!)  He chipped off enough small wood chips to fill a 3-quart plastic Tupperware container.  We filled it with water and let the wood chips soak overnight.

Morning of your BIG smoked beef brisket meal!!  Get up early.  I’m not kidding, buck up and get up early.  You will want to give yourself about 15 minutes to prep the brisket on the grill and then another 10 hours for smoking/grilling/roasting.  Plan ahead depending on what time you’ll be serving dinner.

Place your soaked wood chips in an aluminum foil pouch with holes poked all over the top.  Place this foil pouch over the side of the grill with direct heat (directly over the burner).  On the unlit side of the grill, place your beef brisket.  Make sure you place a ‘drip pan’ under the brisket.  I made a simple one out of aluminum foil. You can see it in this photo.  It worked just fine…and again, no special purchase needed!  Keep your grill on low heat (hovering around 250 degrees).  It will take a few hours for the wood chips to actually start to smoke so be patient, they WILL smoke.  I kept the brisket on the grill to smoke for 5 hours, at which point my pouch of wood chips was reduced to ashes.  I transferred the brisket indoors to my oven and let it continue to roast for an additional 5 hours. Brisket1 The COOL thing about this 10 hour cooking gig is that you really don’t need to be present for it.  I put it on the grill in the morning and went for a nice long run, I baked a peach pie and did some chores in the garden.  After lunch, I transferred it to our oven, covered it with foil, put the oven on the lowest possible setting and left to go tubing down a nearby river with friends.  All was well!!


Apologies for the rough photo here, needless to say, I wasn’t about to delay eating this beauty any longer to get my camera, my camera phone did the deed mildly well.  We served this baby alongside steamed green beans and tomato & corn pie (thanks to my sister-in-law, Jen!) with some peach pie for dessert.  #EpicSummerDinner (Yes, I did just include a hashtag in my blog post!)

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