Disconnect to Reconnect


Our drive last week through the Alleghany Highlands and down to Roanoke, Virginia included a quick stop to see this little gem in the Covington, VA area.  This is the Humpback Bridge and Virginia boasts it to be their oldest covered bridge.  When I stood back to readjust the position of my camera for a better shot of the bridge, I found something almost as exciting as the bridge…


…see what I mean?  I noticed the “L” and the “E” right away and based on where you were standing, it all spelled out “LOVE”.  My heart melted into a childish romantic mess.  “Family” photos immediately followed and with that, Virginia’s oldest bridge faded into the background.

Nearby, right along Route 220 in between Hot Spring and Covington was another beauty.  This time, a masterpiece from our Creator rather than some creative park rangers.  This (below) is the Falling Springs, an 80 foot waterfall.  Some heavy rains the evening before contributed to an even more impressive falls than usual.


For us, the trip to Virginia was mainly to disconnect from routine life and reconnect with each other and God.  Other than a stop at High Road Sheep and a overnight in Roanoke, we really didn’t have anything planned.  We drove on the roads that looked the most scenic and stopped when we felt like it.  We hiked a good bit and backpacked in the Shenandoah’s for an evening.

*Note about the ONE night backpacking.  I was fairly certain a bear would visit us in the wee parts of the morning and since we had no means of defense, my main pray all night long was that we would be alive to enjoy breakfast.  (Incredibly enough, We did make it to breakfast).  I also learned that our dear sweet Calla appoints herself as alpha female when the three of us sleep in a two-man tent.  Somehow I managed to be pushed and squished into the corner while Calla enjoyed my half of tent snuggled against the warm soul who proposed to me nearly 6 years ago.  (To be completely honest, I probably would have pushed Calla out of the tent if a bear did visit us.)

Let’s hear it- who has a vacation, a mini vacation or a long weekend trip planned for the summer?


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