High Road Sheep

With any luck, we’ll be adding a few more sheep to our flock this fall.  We’re in the process of scouting out established flocks with the genetics we’re looking for.  Hubs and I had some time off this week so we scheduled to meet with the owner of a flock high on our list of possibilities.  We chose the scenic route from Central PA down to the Allegheny Highlands of Virginia. Four states were included on the drive south.  Pennsylvania of course, with a rather impressive route highlighting the dairy industry along Route 866 in Blair County.  Maryland was short and sweet with the primary highlight being the historic district of Cumberland.  West Virginia made up a far too lengthy portion of the trip along Route 220 South from Cumberland, MD to the Virginia boarder and sadly, nothing really stood out as inspiring or intriguing to us.  Thankfully, Virginia was very different.  A beautiful assortment of rolling hills, distant blue ridge mountains, clear, swollen creeks and rivers and pastures of grazing cattle and sheep. DSC_0074 The farm we visited was owned by Martin Macqueen originally from Northern Scotland.  Martin came to the Mid-Atlantic region after he graduated from agricultural college.  He’s been a farmer here in America ever since and now he raises North Country Cheviots and Suffolks between Hot Springs and Covington, VA.  You can read all about Martin and his ‘High Road Sheep’ on his website.  Martin was a pleasure to spend the afternoon with- and it really did turn out to be the afternoon.  We were in no hurry and neither was he so the three of us enjoyed a breezy May afternoon talking sheep. I was ‘sold’ on his North Country Cheviots from the moment we saw his primary flock ram but unfortunately the demand on his lambs exceeds his supply so we might be in for a price shock this fall if we do indeed go that direction.  We shall see!

DSC_0111 (2) DSC_0106


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