April Showers Bring…

April showers bring…May flowers.  Everyone knows that!  Tonight I learned that April showers can also bring marble-sized hail that can shred flowers.  Oh my!  Calla and I had settled down for a quiet evening when basically out of nowhere this crazy storm shows up. Our little tin-roofed ‘shed’ got louder and louder and Calla and nestled together underneath the kitchen table to see what happened next.  Hail- buddy, hail is what happened.  Pea-sized to marble-sized hail came down incredibly fast and within a half hour, a flood of rain.  There was a brief intermission for the sky to brighten up and a double rainbow to appear (in which case I trotted out to check on the sheep and cattle).  Immediately following that, darkness, thunder and lightening.



The garden was getting off to such a great start until about an hour ago.  Tomorrow morning will reveal more but for now, I’d say there is some serious flood damage.  The cute little greenhouse in the center with old windows looks like it took a direct hit.  (Shame too, the hubs JUST repaired the glass in that this spring!)  We have 2 more little greenhouses like that hiding under the pine trees, hopefully they faired better.

It occurred to me rather quickly how incredibly devastating the weather can be.  In a matter of seconds, things can be forever changed.  Pennsylvanian’s are crazy lucky to not have severe weather to deal with all that often.  Our Mid-Western friends unfortunately deal with this enough to learn that nature can alter whatever it wants to when it so chooses.

There is a certain hint of beauty that emerges in the midst of a storm, almost a frightening beauty.  The pair of rainbows that appeared right before nightfall reminded me of that.

“With Jesus in the boat we can smile in the storm, smile in the storm, smile in the storm.  With Jesus in the boat we can smile in the storm when we’re sailing home.  Sailing, sailing home.  Sailing, sailing home…keep singing.


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