Home Sweet Home

I think we can finally say our move is finished. Four months of weekend trips to do construction work on the little ‘shed’ that would ultimately be our home for the next 9+ months and a few days of intense packing, hauling and un-packing. Even the posting of this blog means we’ve finally be able to ‘connect to the world’ and now have wifi.

If you missed the renovations blog, here it is. Might be helpful to have a little of the back-story.

Hubs and I are back to 1-room living, a bit reminiscent of our first year and a half of marriage. Here is a shot of south end of the house; the kitchen, dining room, bathroom and office. (Don’t worry if you can’t differentiate which area of the room is which!)



(Above & Below) A few close-ups of both sides of the kitchen area.



The little bathroom. We have a lot to be thankful for with this little shed/home but if I can acknowledge one ‘bummer’ it’s that we don’t have hot water. Freezing January temperatures in Central PA mean some super chilly water comes out of our bathroom and kitchen faucets. Nothing like a quick splash of ice water to wake you up in the morning or washing dishes in chilly water to toughen the hands!


And here is the other half of the house, the bedroom area. Let’s just say that under the bed storage totes are the best thing ever! Our dog Calla has embraced the new place as her home as well with her super plush bed right next to ours.


The wood stove has been such a champ the past few nights with the blustery weather in the teens. That coat rack next to the stove is a big plus to, our Carhartts are always toasty when we slip into them.

We enjoyed our time in the Philly suburbs and tried to make the most of the stay there but to be honest, it was a pretty big adjustment for us both. It was a bit of people and store overload for us. People, traffic and stores everywhere. It was super convenient, sure, but there wasn’t a lot of green open space to just chill. Everyone was in such a hurry; I was either driving too slow for the driver behind me or I was lost on the matrix of busy side streets and highways. I’m sure it’ll be a bit of an adjustment to live back in Central PA again but at least we both know that’s where were meant to be and for the next 9+ months, it’s home.

One thought on “Home Sweet Home

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