Winter Renovations

We’re in the process of moving.  In the dead of winter.  From Eastern PA to Central PA.  And there’s a snow storm on the way.  It’s all good though, who doesn’t love a fresh start in a new place in a new town?  We’re moving out of a 1-room apartment in the suburbs of Philadelphia and into a 300 square foot ‘shed’ that we have been converting into a little home over the last 4 months.  The building sits on my husbands parents farm.  Every time we’ve gone back to visit his parents over the last few months we’ve been working on the place little by little.  Care to see our progress?


(Above) This is the one end of the building where we had to dig a water/septic line in the fall before the ground froze.  That ditch in the concrete is where our pipes all now lay.

(Below) This is the other end.  We have three pretty exposed beams.  The walls originally had textured beige paint and a fair amount of sizable cracks between the ceiling and walls and in the peaks of the ceiling.  My first task was to use a palm sander to remove all the sand from the textured paint.  We needed a smooth surface to start with.  Next came ‘muddin’ and tapping all of the cracks.  In this photo you can’t even see any cracks!  They were pretty rough, believe me!


DSC_0123 DSC_0249

(Above, Left) The building was all one room but with the generous help of my father-in-law, were now have two rooms!  This small room is our bathroom.  You can see the floors around it are all unfinished concrete.  We’re keeping it that way. The bathroom is the only room that will have a tile floor, see above, right.

(Below) Here’s a shot of the same end of the building where we had our water/septic pipe ditch dug.  It’s all filled in now and the bathroom is separated off.  The exposed beams were all re-surfaced with pretty pine boards from the Brown’s farm. The walls and ceiling have primer on as well.


(Below) Here’s that same end a few weeks later.  Looking a little different now!  The ceiling and trim are painted ‘Vanilla’ and the walls are painted ‘Olive.’  We moved an old sink/cupboard unit in that was second-hand and you’ll also notice the first major appliance we bought during ‘Black Friday’ sales at Lowes!  This is the largest refrigerator we’ve ever had!


(Below) Here’s the opposite end of the building.  Pretty simple, just a clean canvas to work with.


(Below) Here is that same end of the building a few weeks later.   The new light fixtures are up and we even have a nice little wood stove in the corner!



(Above)  Here’s a shot of that same end with the wood stove, cleaning out some of the ‘junk’ that accumulated in the center during construction.  That pretty dress and mirror set was built by my husbands great-grand father for his daughter, my husband’s grandmother.  It’s on loan to us while we’re living here.

(Below)  The kitchen-end of the building again, this time we have our small propane stove in the corner and some shelves above the kitchen cupboard.


So far, that’s it folks!  Final photos will come next week when we’ve finished renovations and have officially moved in!




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