Border Cheviots and Collies Unite!

Look at those pretty girls in the pasture!  Those gals are our first three Border Cheviots (Mary, Edith and Sybil).  The Border Collie in the front is Calla.  I realize its futile to try and herd a flock of three, but hey- they need to start getting ‘dogged up.’  We want to get our ewes acquainted with Calla so as our flock grows, they’ll learn to understand their relationship with Calla.  We added two more ewes to the flock this past weekend, Camilla and Ruby are North Country Cheviots.  We are also expecting lambs around Easter when the first three ewes lamb.


“Why the sheep guys?”  “Why are you buying sheep right now, what is your goal with them?”  We’ve been getting all sorts of questions.  Rightly so.  Here’s the thing, entering farming as a young couple is a hugely overwhelming prospect.  The overhead costs are intimidating and the yearly cash flow is meager.  We have a dream to own our own farm someday and we intend to do that little by little and take advantage of the opportunities as they come.  We have the opportunity to raise a small flock of sheep on my husband’s parents farm at the present.  Livestock prices are high right now (not the best time to be buying) but if we do it a little at a time, we’ll build the flock.  Our kind neighbor (Thistle Creek Farms) has a Dorper ram of breeding age and he graciously let us put these three ewes in with the ram for a few weeks this fall.  If all goes as intended, our first crop of lambs this spring could pay for the original price of ewes.


Aren’t they smart looking?  These gals came from the flock at Erdenheim Farms, Lafayette Hill, PA.

You can see here (below) that they are FAST!  They don’t waste time getting from point A to point B, especially if Calla is trailing them.  The two North Country Cheviots we just bought are quite a bit calmer and (fingers crossed) they will help sooth the ‘spastic-ness’ of the Borders.  Time will tell!

DSC_0049 DSC_0051


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