Discover Veal

Show of hands here…who has cooked with veal before?  You haven’t?–shame, shame, shame.  You have?–Rock on!!  I was scanning the meat case at my local retailer yesterday and saw this fun little label on a pack of veal, chops to be specific:

“Discover Veal” it was called and it mentioned a pretty sweet sweepstakes offer and veal recipe inside.  I brought those beautiful veal chops home with me and cooked them up for dinner.  I’ve cooked with veal cutlets and ground veal before, but never tried a chop…it was my night to discover veal!


I wanted to keep the entire dish super simple since it’s a week night so I pan-fried the chops and paired them with roasted red potatoes and steamed broccoli.  For the chops,  I heated up the skillet with a drizzle of olive oil and put the chops in.  A few minutes for each side on medium heat was all it took.  When the first side of the chops was browned nicely and pulled easily from the pan on their own I knew it was time to flip them.  After a few minutes on side #2 I used a meat thermometer to see where they were, I pulled them a 140 degrees.


Seriously, super easy dinner!  I sprinkled a little salt, pepper and parsley on the chops as well.  I was expecting the tough dry texture of a pork chop but was surprised to find the veal chop to be incredibly juicy and tender, WIN!!


Ok—another show of hands here…who is going to discover some veal this week (and enter this cool sweepstakes?)  When you do, tell me about it!



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